This page is dedicated to

William McNelly

my Father-in-law, who started me in this great hobby!!!

Bill was a real outdoorsman. He built his own starter detectors from "kits" that he put together in many different ways. He had one in particular that he used on land and when the need came to build one for underwater, he made another that he used maybe once or twice. Bill either had a fishing pole, metal detector, or had some "project" that he was working on. Every visit to his home was another experience in looking at the latest invention.

He had the time to ride the bike and one of his famous tricks was to ride down the highway standing on the seat. I don't believe that Mom would let him when she was on the back!!

I will always remember him as pictured here.
With a pole in his hand, the hat, the sunset was an added bonus in this photo.

William McNelly

Born June 15,1925

Died January 28,2001

He will surely be missed by me and all his family,
have a great afterlife and find as many treasures as you can
before I get there to join you!!!!