New In 2000!!

Detecting in the year 2000 got off to a fair start, I was out in January and February, but didn't make any worthwhile discoveries. I'm going to keep adding to this page during the year, if the page starts to take too long to load, I'll add a second page, third page, etc.

These items were found in a neighboring town at my nephew's home.

This classring was a nice surprise! It's only the second one I've ever recovered.
If it had initials or a date I would try to return it to its owner. I let
someone from the area look at it and was told its an old one!
I found it at a depth of about 5 inches.

This 1957 Mexican 50 centavos is a long way from home! Finding one of
these in Minnesota has to be RARE!! I didn't know what it was when I got
it out of the ground, when I saw the design on the coin and thought it was a
medal of some sort. I had to look in my Spanish book to figure out
what "Cincuenta" means.

It wasn't buried too deep, maybe 2 inches, but it has to be old. Can
you find a "5 cent drink" these days!! I'm going to try to find out
who "A. Krall" is, maybe the owner of a local tavern?

This 1907 Indian Head cent was one of two that I found on the same day
I gave a 1901 to the owner of the property, it made him happy and allows me to come back.

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