In the left photo are the gold rings I've found recently. The first has 3 saphires (my wife Nancy claimed this one), the second has my initial, and the third is hand carved. On the right are 2 rings found approximately 6 inches apart, in Richland Center, WI. Whoever lost them was born in February.

Six sterling silver rings! These are SOME of the sterling silver rings I've found in local parks. The right photo is of the 2 rings my daughter, Rachel, has claimed and wears constantly. One has 'black hills' gold leaves with sterling band, the other is sterling silver.

The "Junior Stewardess" ring from American Airlines is valued at about $40, not bad for a "junk" ring.
Note the size of the 14 karat gold ring in the right photo? Smaller than a dime.
The other ring is marked .925 TJ MEX.

Yes, there is the chance that the jewelry that you do find is not valuable!
It still makes a nice display, doesn't it?